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About Us

The Modernist, Kuala Lumpur is devoted to making the experience of buying and selling pre-owned branded goods, handbags & accessories exciting, stylish, inspirational and seamlessly easy. Our mission is to build a trusted independent online shopping resale site – an easy, hassle-free, secure place to browse and be inspired as well as to buy and sell authentic pre-owned designer fashion in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The Modernist’s commitment to authenticity, diversity, and creativity is fundamental to the integrity and growth of our business in the collaborative economy. It’s what makes The Modernist a unique destination: we provide a reliable and convenient platform for the world's most exclusive and luxurious accessories, incorporating cutting-edge technology to redefine the luxury shopping experience with confidence.


While we bear no affiliation with the brands we sell, we're known for our expertise, accurate pricing, and discreet service. Our success is measured by continuous shopper support and our renowned worldwide luxury handbag selection to make luxury more attainable. This expertise, passion, and enthusiasm are why customers keep coming back to us and why our business is growing. The Modernist is well beyond a marketplace where the world of grandeur awaits.

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Our Promise

Our promise is to ensure our service levels goes above and beyond your expectations. The Modernist’s genuine commitment to authenticity delivers on the promise of its company values. Authenticity is important, from the clothes you wear to the words you share. Authenticity strengthens the integrity and contribution of The Modernist’s organizational culture, quality of service and provides a strong link with brands, partners, colleagues, and guests.


Whether you’re buying, selling, or consigning your pre-owned handbags and accessories, The Modernist is committed to building your trust. We ensure that every item on The Modernist is 100% authenticity guaranteed. Every item undergoes a strict quality control procedure. The valuation team ensures that every piece is checked and authenticated before being shipped out to our customers. As a part of our commitment to the highest level of integrity and security, to fight against counterfeiting, we promise to offer a full refund unconditionally if an item proves to be inauthentic in any way.


As well as unparalleled choice, you’re guaranteed the very best shopping experience at The Modernist. 

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