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Leather Care Instructions

The designer pieces can last a lifetime if you know how to care for it properly.

Offer it frequent holidays

To preserve its original beauty, your leather object needs time to rest. When you are not using it, make sure to provide it with the best possible preservation conditions: a temperate, dry environment away from light, preferably in its original box or dust cover. To maintain its silhouette, place tissue paper or bubble wrap inside and make sure all zippers are zipped and straps are attached. We recommend that you do not use anti-humidity sachets, as they have a drying effect on leather.

Keep it away from bad influences

Some materials can leave permanent marks on leather: ink (markers and pens), oily products (makeup and lipstick), perfume and alcohol-based products. Repeated contact with raw or dark textiles can also have undesirable effects on leather that is lighter in colour. Finally, in order to preserve the shape of your leather object, do not overload it or place irregularly shaped items inside.

Protect it from bad weather

Leather is sensitive to natural elements: water, oil, heat, light, and environments that are too humid or too dry. Protect it from prolonged exposure to intense light and heat (direct sunlight, in a window, on a radiator, etc.), which may alter the colour. If the leather comes into contact with water, wipe it immediately with a soft, lint-free cloth. This will prevent the formation of stains and blisters.

Give it the attention it deserves

Commercial care products are not suitable for designer brands' leather goods. Instead of risking permanent damage by trying to care for your object yourself, it is best to have it cleaned regularly by the bagspa experts. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact The Modernist after-sales service. With a little pampering, your luxury leather products will become more beautiful and develop even more character with each passing year.

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